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Car rental Estonia /

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If you need a rental car for business trips, family vacations or simply running daily errands, then you’ve come to the right place.

Car hire is Dayrent’s main activity in Tallinn. Car hire doesn’t necessarily mean only renting cars, it also includes cabrio, minibus and van rentals.

Our car park consists of a selection of comfortable minibuses and spacious vans.

Dayrent cars do not have any passage restrictions, so therefore you may drive stress free in and out of Estonia.

We offer our clients also options for single way hire, meaning having the option to leave the rental car in a pre-agreed location, either in Estonia or Europe.

All our rental cars go through regular check up’s, being well maintained and clean.

Our cars, minibuses, and vans are insured and the rental price will not have any additional traffic-and motor own damage insurance costs.

The rental prices will not add any additional VAT costs, or any other hidden extra costs.

The price also includes convenient free car help across Europe.

Be sure to make your self familiar with our prices, terms and conditions.

In addition to our main services (car rental, minibus rental, van rental)

GPS and child safety seats are also available, if booked in advance.

You can also conveniently pay for the car rental, either via money transfer or in cash.

When hiring a car, we would also recommend to read the terms and conditions

from our web site.